Ahoy! Come to Gippsland for the Inaugural Gallivant!


Dragons Abreast Gippsland Waratahs have banded together to create a social paddling event that aims to support the fire ravaged community's businesses and tourism offering. If you have been wondering how best to really help our communities affected by the recent fires, why not walk the plank and get your best pirate voice happening for a fun and worthy event in March! 

The adventure begins…… 

A flotilla of dragon boats with their daring crews will bravely set off from the Port of Sale in search of adventure and hidden treasure along the way. There is a rumour that Captain Caspar Cutlass and his band of bloodthirsty pirates still roam the waters of the Thompson River so keep a weather eye out just in case…. 

Those who make it unscathed to the historic Swing Bridge with the treasure trove they have bravely collected will be rewarded with a bounteous feast and much frivolity.

Later that evening all the courageous crews will congregate for one last night of feasting and tales of daring do as they celebrate the day's exploits. 

Gippsland Waratahs have pledged to donate a percentage of the profits from this event to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund.



Get in early! Places are limited.

Dress up in your best pirate costume for some fun and frivolity.

Arrive no later than 9:30 as dragon boats depart from the Port of Sale at 10am for a leisurely paddle along the Sale Canal and Thompson River to the junction with the LaTrobe River.

Along the way crews will be entertained by a variety of treasure hunts and other games.

We will disembark at the Swing Bridge for lunch, bathroom stop and a chance to walk across the still operational Swing Bridge. After lunch we are back in the boats for more paddling fun.

Back to the swing bridge for afternoon tea where you will be able to watch the bridge open, which is a popular tourist attraction.

After afternoon tea, for those who wish to, you can race the Rubeena back to the Port. Cost: Paddlers - $80 includes lunch, afternoon tea, Saturday night dinner and safety boats. Non paddlers - $45 including lunch, afternoon tea & Saturday night dinner Closing Date 1st March.

To register: email gippygallivant@gmail.com 



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