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When you purchase an item from our DAA shop, you are helping to support breast cancer survivors from all over Australia.  

To order any of the following products please email office@dragonsabreast.org.au

DAA Hornet STING Dragon Boat Paddle IDBF Approved Adjustable and fixed length

jpx2 is pleased to be the exclusive supplier of this beautiful Dragons Abreast Australia paddle. It has the same design on both sides of the blade.
10% of the sale price from this paddle will be donated to DAA from JPX2.
About Hornet STING DAA Paddle:
  • IDBF License: 3523
  • 1 year product warranty
Fixed length paddle:
  • Modified T Handle
  • 46" to 51"
  • 380 - 440gms 
Adjustable paddle:
  • New ergonomic grip
  • 45" to 51"
  • Approx. 420gms
  • Aluminium adjustable mechanism and adjustable with key

The STING Dragon Boat paddle empowers you to perform at your best. IDBF approved, it is strong, lightweight and meets all the criteria for international competition.

There’s more to our paddle blades than good looks! The inner core is made of PMI foam, adding serious strength. Meanwhile, the outer material is carbon fiber, known for its lightweight yet impressively strong properties. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also reinforced the blade’s edge with super-strong solid fiberglass.   

Gift Ideas

Dragons Abreast Australia - Comfort Heart

Cost: $15.00 (including postage & handling)

Looking for that unique little gift for someone special?  Why not consider a Comfort Heart.  Made of pewter this elegant little heart can say many different things such as:

"I love you"    "Get well soon"     "I care"     "You are always in my heart"    

"Happy Mother's day"     "Merry Christmas"


This heart is exclusive to Dragons Abreast Australia.

DAA 20th Anniversary Souvenir Pin

Cost: $5.00 (plus p&h)


Cost: $4.00 (plus p&h)


 DAA Sun Visor

Cost:  $15 (plus p&h)

 DAA Microfibre Hand Towel

Cost: $10.00 (plus p&h)

 DAA Neck/Head Scarf

Cost:  $5.00 (plus p&h)


DAA Luggage Tag

Cost: $4.00 (plus p&h)

 DAA Lanyard

Cost: $4.00 (plus p&h)



Active Wear

Contact our fantastic sponsor JPX2 to purchase our DAA branded jackets and other dragon boating products.

Jackets - two types of DAA jackets.


Shirts - these come in two colour combinations.  Pink with black trim and black with pink trim.




Exclusive Dragons Abreast Australia promotional products.

Dragons Abreast Shop

Our Sponsors

Dragons Abreast Australia is sponsored by Specialised Therapeutics Australia, an international biopharmaceutical company with strategic focus and expertise in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

With the highest professional and ethical standards, Specialised Therapeutics Australia commercialise therapies and technologies that uniquely fulfil the unmet medical needs of the community.


Quality and affordable sporting apparel. Provider of our DAA jackets, with a percentage of proceeds being donated to Dragons Abreast.

Happy Breast Balm and the Ultimate Breast Care Routine aims to inspire and encourage women to get in touch with their breasts, give them some regular TLC and really get to know them.
The balm aims to help in a breast care routine that stimulates the lymphatic system which may clear and detox the many lymph vessels within breast tissue, improve blood flow and affirm daily health, well-being and gratitude for life.
Use Code 'breastcareoct20' during October for 20% off all online sales.



Amoena - supporting women’s confidence after breast cancer and throughout life.

As the world leader in research and manufacture of breast forms our story began 43 years and has expanded into 82 countries. 

In recent years Amoena have incorporated cooling technology (Comfort+) into the breast forms. Lingerie has evolved from basic pocketed bra to high fashion French inspired lingerie.


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